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Incost building company websitewww.incost.ru (domen name cybersquoted)

Site of buil company "Incost"
JUne 2005г.
Special features: original design, site advanced administration module, slide menu, rewrite, votings, guestbook, newsfeeds, sitemap

Сайт CMS eProjectwww.eproject.ru

CMS eProject website
Jule 2005.
Specific features: forums, password-restricted chapters, two languages, slide meny, rewrite

"Sunny beach" sanatorium website
April 2005
Specific features: room reservation system


"Ceboksary Aggregate Works" JSC website.
March 2005
Specific features: more than 2 languages (now English and Russian), online catalog with ordering system, enhanced catalog management system


"Russian locks" website of CHAZ JSC
February 2005
Specific features: 2 languages, original sitemap-like meny, the first guestbook with citations


"Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS) regional representation website
16 december 2004
Specific features: 4 levels structure, banner system, forum, user autorisation


"Elektrom" Cheboksary Generator Works website
Redesigned January 2005
Specific features: 2 languages, rewrite engine, forums, online catalog with ordering system


"Image-Optics" regional reseller website
October 2004


"Forum-21" computer reseller copmany website
August 2004
Specific features: forums, computer ordering system, structured price-sheet

Аппараты очистки воды WaterLogicwww.waterlogic.ru

"WaterLogic" regional reseller website
June 2003
Specific features: Dunamic flash-animation, drop-menu, random rotation of products

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