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About company

Internet company Cheboksary.ru Ltd. has been created in 2000. The first remarkable project of our company was development of the regional information potal of the same name www.cheboksary.ru (now owned by our company).

Permanently improving our thechnologies the company created hundreds of corporate websites of the largest regional enterprices. Now the entirely spectrum of the modern technologies at Your service, such as AJAX, XML, DHTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Macromedia Flash.

Among our clients were "Chuvashcreditprombank", "Mestnoe" teleradio company, "Buket Beer" beer company, "MobileTelesystems" (MTS) telecommunication company, "Cheboksary Arrgegate Works", "Cheboksary Electrom Plant" and others ("Our portfolio" page).

Since 2002 the internet company has been creating the own Content Management System named eProject CMS that was sucessfully applied and tested in the most of company's projects. With the help of this CMS our customers can easily and quickly edit, refresh and publish any information on the website themselves without some special knowleges and skills.

Using our multilanguage CMS it is possible to create an original website of any level - up to international news website. The CMS has a module structure, not dependent of external libraries, based on fast Perl language, not distributed as an Open Source that makes this solution wery fast, reliable, safe, platform independent and universal.

We effectively promote created websites in the search systems, catalogs and other internet resources.
We skillfuly optimise websites for fast downloading, make an original design with a comfortable structure and navigation, wisely fill them with especialy selected and edited content.

We constantly improving our thechnologies in order to satisfy demands of the most exacting customers.

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