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eProject Filemanager Pro

    eProject Filemanager Pro features

    • Multiple file uploading to any (current) directory
    • Multiple TAR.GZIP unpacking function to selected path
    • Textfile (HTML, TXT, PL, CGI, PHP, ASP, JS, CSS) search
    • Operation result window
    • Server and website information list
    • Customer support
    • Text/HTML/JS/CSS files editor with "Save AS" function
    • Sorting files in directory
    • "Search&Replace" function results window represent number of replacements and files with changes.
    • New hide/appear behaviour of "File upload" and "Search&Replace" dialog forms will free additional space for common file management operations.

    Global "Search and replace" function in current directory with backslash expressions support and file masks dramatically improves administration abilities of Your website.
    Possibility of multiple replacements in thousands of files in couple seconds will seriously reduce time loss.

    - No more long upload/download operations for local replacements in multiple files!

    - There is no need to buy additional offline File Search&Replace utilities!

    You can order eProject Filemanager Pro v2.1 by e-mail: mail@eproject.ru
    eProject Filemanager Pro price - $19.00

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