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  1. Possibility to tune CMS up to a design of any complexity
  2. Moduling making it possible to add any functionality to websites
  3. Extremly simple website administration in WYSIWYG regime, almost like in Word
  4. Possibility to export/import MS Office data by means of a clipboard with a fast formatting adjustment to a website style.
  5. Extremely simple administration. A website of any complexity - in the shortest time.
  6. Cross platform transfer and compatibility. The only requirement for CMS work is Perl.
  7. Convenient uploading of illustrations with preview and their adjustment in the air. PhotoShop isn't necessary.
  8. Possibility of a file management on a server in a browser window through the HTTP protocol. FTP-access isn't required.
  9. Remote data backup and restore possibility.
  10. The whole website structure administration by means of the interface a-la Widows Explorer.
  11. Possibility to combine different online services under a common design
  12. All modern opportunities such as "rewrite" or "drop-menu" with a single mouse click
  13. Possibility to choose one template or multi-template regimes for a complicated design and a website structure creation
  14. Possibility to edit content immediately on the pages and in a special interface without design downloading
  15. Multilanguages support. You can choose the quantity of languages on your website
  16. Global fulltext search throught all website resources. Website map.
  17. Users authorization, section passwording, distributed management possibility
  18. High speed, functional reliability and low system requirements
  19. Possibility to set up keywords and META-tags to different website sections
  20. Print-friendly versions of a simple and catalog pages
  21. Cross-links between pages of the same date in the chapter
  22. Autogeneration of two horisontal chapter menus, one vertical subchapter/pages menu, horisontal news chapters menu, top and bottom navigation menu, search string block, vertical news block, vertical votings block, usefull links block. It is possible to autogenerate all site interface elements for all site languages.
  23. Unique modules: complicated forms generator, bulletin board with forums functions, internet-forums with internal mail system, news reel with news discussion, digest and RSS-channel, multi level catalog with online products order, votings with archiving and autosorting, website WAP-mirror
  24. Possibility to order any module, add any functionality on your website
  25. Qualified support and teaching to work with CMS. Certification possibility.
  26. Website new elements partial purchase. Complicated website at a reasonable price.

For entire enjoyment of our customers we now able to offer You different versions of eProject CMS: Free, Pro and Enterprise. Please, check the difference of eProject versions here.

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